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Scorned lover leaks sex video of married popular actor

Scorned lover leaks sex video of married popular actor

When will celebs stop recording themselves in unholy acts?

Ghanacelebrities.com has obtained a leaked video showing married Ghanaian actor, Too Sweet Annan, totally naked while stroking his manhood with pleasure all written over his face in different video. He was alleged to be masturbating for a USA based Ghanaian woman.

Scorned lover leaks sex video of married popular actor

Actor Toosweet Annan

According to Ghana Celebrities, the married actor has been collecting money from several women in and out of Ghana, sweet-tonguing them that he would marry them. Lilian Efya, a Ghanaian based in USA who sent the shocking video of the actor to Ghana Celebrities claims to be one of the numerous girls the actor has taken advantage of–adding that she feels cheated, hence her decision to finish the actor's career the with images and videos.

Efya says through digging around on social media, she found out some of the other girls that the actor was ‘playing around ’ with and contacted them to make them aware of what Toosweet’s cunning ways of duping women under the disguise of relationship. She said:

“Toosweet Annan is one of the best players I’ve ever met. I was with him for a year and he told me many lies. He told me he would marry me. He lied to me that he needed $13,500 for his business and that he would later use the money from the business for our wedding. After I sent the money, I later got information that he used the money for the pub of his so-called baby mama.

Scorned lover leaks sex video of married popular actor

A screenshot from one of the said videos

“After he dumped, I heard from my sister in Ghana that some girls from Germany were constantly visiting him. I realize that he was playing them just like he did me so started looking for information about those girls and contacted them through an anonymous account on Instagram.”

Efya contacted the unnamed two ladies who coincidentally live in the same area in Germany. It was then she learned that one had been dating the actor for more than a year and had sent over 20,000 euros to him under the guise of shooting/producing a movie.

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“He was dating me and these 2 girls at the same time, and every money he get he gives to his wife Francesca who pretends to only be his baby mama. Toosweet is dating many girls abroad just to get money. He and the wife have a deal between them. Toosweet introduce all his girls to Francesca (as the mother of his daughter) as well his mother so these girls feel a little secure. So the mother too is involve in the game,” Efya said.

Scorned lover leaks sex video of married popular actor

According to Efya, she broke up with Toosweet after she found out that he was still with Francesca.

She added that after her checks, she found out that beside the two ladies in Germany, Toosweet is working his magic on another girl in the UK and one in Maryland, USA. Efya further added that her conversations with some of the girls she contacted were fruitful while others didn’t want to believe her. According to her, Toosweet has also been using voodoo on the ladies.

However, those that were willing to help her tell the world about the antics of the actor cooperated with her, sending her videos, photos and conversations proving their relations with Toosweet. The videos and other conversations include Toosweet confessing his love for them, apologizing for hurting them, and even masturbating for them.

The site however did not publish the videos because of the adult nature of the content (some totally shocking and gross with the actors joystick and balls all being rubbed by himself to his own pleasure).

Nawa oh!

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