Exclusive: Music star Harrysong speaks on 'beef' with FiveStar

Exclusive: Music star Harrysong speaks on 'beef' with FiveStar

Harrison Okiri but popularly known as Harrysong, is one of the raving musical artistes who have upped his game in the entertainment industry, dishing out good quality songs that have kept his teaming fans riding along with him.

Exclusive: Music star Harrysong speaks on 'beef' with FiveStar

Nigerian music star Harrysong.

Harrysong who just staged a Peace Concert in hometown, Warri and released another single, Bacana on Friday, November 4, in an interview with NAIJ.Com Gossip, reviewed the year 2016, opened up on what music has taken away from him and his alleged ‘beef’ with record label, FiveStar music….

It’s just few weeks to the end of the year; how has your 2016 journey been so far?

2016 has been challenging, fruitful, amazing because we have achieved a lot, went on tour in Dallas, Houston and Maryland. One music feast was an eye opener for me because of the massive crowd responding to not just the songs but the brand name, Harrysong. The welcoming and love were just so amazing.   Regarding what we can do before the end of the year, as a writer I try as much as possible to check what's going on around me before putting out a song to my audience. I just released a new single; Bacana the video is ready and was shot in Atlanta.

What was the aim of your first major concert held in Warri and should we be expecting an album soon?

The main aim of the One Delta Peace Concert was to give another face of the Niger Delta race which is not just about fighting and war. It was to create a voice of peace and form a peaceful atmosphere where people can come, have fun and also pass across the right message. And as for the album, we were meant to drop an album before the end of the year but that won't be possible anymore because of the many programmes on ground. It has been postponed to the first quarter of the New Year.

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Exclusive: Music star Harrysong speaks on 'beef' with FiveStar

Harrysong addresses alleged beef with music label.

Still on the One Delta Peace Concert, if there had been no crisis in the Niger Delta region; would you have gone ahead with having the concert?

Yes, but we would have tagged it something else like, 'Harrysong live in Warri' or 'Harrysong back home' and it wouldn't have come up this fast. It will amaze you that the concert took us just three months to plan because of the many issues on ground and the state government was very supportive and helpful. We look forward to holding it every year in different states of the Niger Delta.

Would you say was the aim of staging the concert and was achieved?

Yes. It was because the youths were given opportunity to air their views, opinions and re-orientation programmes took place as well as talent showcase. I can boldly say that the aim of the concert was achieved and that is one of the major reasons why we want to make it a yearly event.

With your album dropping next year, what is the direction of the album and who are those expected to feature on the project?

Over the years, the brand Harrysong, has been trying to develop and improve on both the sound and the message .If you have been following the sound from 'I'm in love' featuring Olamide, 'Ofeshe', 'Better Pikin’,'Reggae Blues' and the most recent, 'Baba for the Girls', you will see the way we change  and progress we have made. For the album, it will take a different direction as we have different genres of songs with best collaborations with my other colleagues that include Olamide, Flavour, Timaya, MI, Orezi, Iyanya, and Kcee amongst others.

With the One Delta Peace Concert, talents were discovered, what will you say is the way forward for those talents discovered?

The state is supporting the programme, as the governor is trying to create an office and platform for them because they are talented but only confused .They don't know how to go about recording and going on sessions. We are recording some artistes already; we have comedians too .So, we are creating platforms for them and I think they are still in the building process and when they are fully ready, I will unveil them to the world.

Speculation has it that you have issues with your label, FiveStar music, how true is that?

The thing is I am Harrysong and have said it several times, FiveStar music is home, we are cool and we are together. If my contract expires FiveStar should be able to launch something new for me. I have got my own various businesses that I oversee but I don't see myself leaving 5star to another record label.

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Exclusive: Music star Harrysong speaks on 'beef' with FiveStar


Being an entertainer, what would you say makes you stand out?

All these years, I won't say it has been easy but it has been the grace of God. It has been my dream not to fail but to make my grandma proud and the dream has kept me going all through the years. The picture of where I am coming from keeps me going. Work and pray.

Music has given you so much success, fame, it has made your dreams come true, what has music taken away from you?

It has given me a lot and yes, it has taken away my freedom of movement and speech. Sometimes, I'd like to go back to my roots and do the way I did before, but it’s never possible anymore because things have changed. I am that kind of person that wants to stop by the roadside and buy roasted plantain (boli) and feel good.

When is Harrysong getting married?

When the right person comes along, I will let you all know.

Source: Gossip.naij.com

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