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Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Following the recently concluded US elections which has thrown the world in a state of disbelief, Donald Trump emerged president.

Why most Nigerians were rooting for Hillary and hoping she would come out victorious, here are the 7 prominent Nigerians who foresaw the Trump-Pence win at the just concluded 2016 elections:

1. Dabota Lawson:

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Former beauty queen Dabota Lawson.

The former beauty queen and cosmetologist shared a picture of the soon-to-be first lady, Melania Trump, on her Instagram page, with the caption "Congratulations my sweetie. You won #NewWorldOrder". This led to a 'fight' with fans who were curious at to why she 'dared' support Trump.

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Dabota congratulated Melania with an endearment

2. J Martins:

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Musician J Martins

The Nigerian musician shared a picture of Donald Trump, congratulating him and even praying for him on his Instagram page. He captioned the post:

"Congratulations to the president elect of the United States of America Donald Trump. @realdonaldtrump. This is indeed a lesson to all that when everything both the media and human beings are against you but you have God Almighty with you then it all ends up with good news at the end.

I pray that God who has brought you this far will help you to do a good job in bringing American back to the ways of their forefathers who laid the foundations of America on God's Word and guidance.#donaldtrump #makeamericagreatagain #longliveamerica"

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

J Martins congratulated Donald

3. Daddy Freeze:

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Cool FM OAP Daddy Freeze

The popular On Air Personality claimed he predicted Trump's win since over a year ago, when it was revealed to him by God. He said:

"On the 17th of September 2015, I predicted that Donald Trump would become America's next president. Trump is a blunt, no holds barred person, while Clinton is described as a bloodthirsty warmonger so when God revealed him to me, I knew it was a much better choice!"

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Freeze predicted a Trump win over Clinton in 2015

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4. Lepacious Bose:

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Comedienne Lepacious Bose

The comedienne who has been in the news lately after her dramatic weight loss, claims she foresaw a Trump win. She gave her reason as thus:

My friend @officialowengee will confirm that I said Trump will win a loooong time ago, not because I like him, infact I LOVE HILLARY CLINTON. However if you follow spiritual trends and you read the book of Revelations often you will not be shocked but amused like me. The same thing that happened in Nigeria in the last election happened in America most people who supported Hillary were not voters, did not have the citizenship to vote just like those who supported GEJ did not come out to vote.

5. Cynthia Morgan:

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Dancehall musician Cynthia Morgan

The 'badass' musician shared a post where she teased Hillary Clinton's supporters, saying "Hey don't try deleting all your hillary posts now ?We know you all ?be a Man". 

She also said:

"And they did go Donald...Just ordered me more popcorn...waiting on the delivery guy likeeee.....#ifeeltrumpy Congrats Mr president @realdonaldtrump"

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Cynthia teased Hillary's supporters

6. Olga Diyachenko:

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Olga showed her support for Trump

The Russian fianceé of Nigerian footballer John Mikel Obi, showed her support before the results were announced by saying:

"Whichever way this will go it's a lose-lose situation. At least with Trump one knows who they voting for; an egocentric crazy person. Everyone #withher is voting for someone hidden behind a very corrupt politician. Good luck America and good luck to the whole World! #election2016"

She eventually explained the reason she chose Trump:

"So when Europe actually builds walls no one speaks up, when Trump threatens we all can't get over it and "oh my God how will I explain it to my children?" Really? I'm glad he won, or shall I say I'm glad she didn't win as this election wasn't about who you support it was about who you don't support! People need change and that's what he will bring and no I don't think he will build walls, but once again we do that all the time in Europe and very few object! #IAmProHumanity ❤️ #elections #walls #needforchnage #unite #humanity plus can't wait for some fashion moments from Melania on a lighter note ?"

7. Reno Omokri:

Nigerian celebrities who supported Donald Trump

Reno Omokri supported a Trump presidency

The spokesman to former president Goodluck Jonathan, never hid his support for Trump. Even when Prophet TB Joshua famously prophesied that Clinton would emerge president, Reno tackled it saying: “Dear TB Joshua. Who gave you your prophecy? My God is not a man that He would lie neither is He the son of man that He would repent!”

He also said:

“I support Donald Trump because I think he’s going to have conservative policies. He’s going to nominate conservative Supreme Court justices, he’s also going to overturn Supreme Court judgments like Roe v Wade. Also in the United States right now there is an ethical issue with the justice department trying to force North Carolina and other states to allow issues like transgender bathrooms. It’s those issues, they might seem small to you but those issues are very important to someone like me because I am a conservative and that is why I’m supporting Donald Trump.”

They can go to bed happy now as their support has just put a smile on their faces, at least for the next four years.

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