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Bobrisky's alleged bae denies any romantic involvement with him

Bobrisky's alleged bae denies any romantic involvement with him

Pretty Mike who was recently exposed and referred to as Bobrisky's bae, has denied having any romantic involvement with the crossdresser.

Bobrisky's alleged bae denies any romantic involvement with him

Bobrisky and Pretty Mike

Following reports of them being romantically involved, Lagos big boy and owner of Club Uno, Pretty Mike, has come out to debunk the rumours.

Pretty Mike took to his Instagram page to share a post he titled '7 reasons why i ain't Bobrisky's bae'. See what he wrote below:

Bobrisky's alleged bae denies any romantic involvement with him

Pretty Mike denies being Bobrisky's bae

"1. Everyone that knows me knows I used to be a serial womaniser and a reckless spender. The list of ladies I have dated/had flings with is endless. I am a ladies man especially to those girls dating guys that are materialistic and love money. They sneak behind their Bfs to come hang with me and my friends, I won't mention names but feel free to google the name "Pretty Mike"..We invented the word "Body Count "...it's not like I am proud of my past, but when @TokeMakinwa wrote that book "On Becoming".. that her Bf Maje dey Learn 4 where I dey.....but then again "Romans 3:23 we have all Sinned and fallen short of his Glory.

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2. Everyone that knows me know I'm very humble and joke a lot with everyone (Read my captions) and I don't discriminate.C'mon I'm in the nightclub business and it's part of my job to make friends and mingle. I never judge people and the fact that lots of peeps have a problem with @bobrisky222 sexuality doesn't mean I should too. He's a human being and God created him so who are we to judge God's creation? so he invited me for his b/day party and I graced his occasion as I would have done for any Friend.

3. Check the interior of the car in the pic circulating online and compare it to the interior of my car and U"ll notice it's not the same. Besides friends who were with me on the day the snap was recorded would testify I wasn't wearing a pair of blue jeans on that day.

4. My club is currently under a Makeover for a while now, so where could I possibly be getting all those cash she has been flashing since the beginning of the year? Btw, people don't spend new naira notes at the club, so except I own a mint producing company (which I don't), I wouldn't have access to new notes daily.

5. How could y'all (especially all you amateur blogs) post such a story just because some idiot said it? I expect y'all to make your findings and support it with concrete evidence instead of rushing to post such a senseless story. This is why I still feel @Instablog9ja is the best, they don't post ridiculous stories without proof, and I read some of the comments, especially the ladies looking at my picture and saying "what a waste of fine boy" well you were all right, I'm a waste, my Cassava has retired cause I'm in a serious relationship now.

6. The picture of me lying in the bathtub was taken by a girl and If you go to her page you'll notice she also posted a hotel pic of herself. I would have loved to tag her but I don't want to create drama for her. Those who know her should go to her page and see for yourself.

7. I think it's high time we all stopped judging Bobrisky because of his looks and sexuality. I see lots of hateful comments whenever the dude is mentioned, not fair at all. If you have the fear of God in you, you shouldn't hate what he created no matter how he chooses to live his/her life rather let's Pray for dem #Pray4BobRisky, Instead of sitting in our homes/Offices and hate on another human being. Not fair at all.We should all learn to live as one and the fact that you don't like someone else's action doesn't make your own life perfect. Let's spread love in 2017 please. "Turn down hatred to turn up Love"! Enough said"

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