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Lady gets dumped by boyfriend of 7-years for a divorcee

Lady gets dumped by boyfriend of 7-years for a divorcee

A lady, identified as Phindi says her boyfriend of seven years dumped her for a divorcee with two children.

A Facebook user, Buhle Madonsela, posted the story on her page, explaining that she just had a conversation with Phindi and decided to post her story.

In the post, Phindi expressed that she moved in with her boyfriend after a few years of dating. She further added that she hinted the subject of marriage but her boyfriend ignored her.

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The man whose name is Thabiso is now married to his divorced receptionist, Michelle who already has two children.


"For seven years he was my only boyfriend.I moved in with him after 1 and half years of our relationship. On the third year I hinted marriage subject. He ignored it. I abandoned the subject and continued to be good to him. Yes I was good to him, in every way.

One Sunday evening, (is it evening or afternoon?) whatever you call that time of the day, we were watching Our Perfect Wedding and it was a chance for me to start the subject again. He then started to cough, I gave him amanzi and the coughing stopped. I told myself that today he will speak to me about this. And indeed he responded. Babe, I just got a new job which pays more money for me to be able to afford lobola and other stuff.

I smiled. There was hope...

7 years into the relationship, and 13 months in his new job.....i am still hoping.

You should see his 6 roomed house. I cleaned it, did washing and ironing, I cook, baked for him, I even bought the most beautiful curtains and bedding in all 3 bedrooms. You should see the pots I use....i bought them at Queens with my bonus last year. And every time he hosts his friends at home for their usual social gatherings, I use the best dishes and glasses. He loves it when they tell him he has done well for himself.

I think I have collected about a hundred and seventy eight CDs that I have been buying for him as presents over the past seven years. There is also a Lee Oscar CD there. He uses 3 ply toilet paper.

Okay...i went to his office after he asked me to pass by one day because I left my job early and when I got there at reception, the receptionist (Michelle) called his office and told him "there is a lady at reception by the name of Phindi for you."

Let me cut a long story short and say to you that today as I'm seated here (Sat 24 Dec 2016) Thabiso is getting married to the receptionist (Michelle) in Witbank.

And you know what? My mother's home was neglected all these years by me. The curtains in this house are torn and worn out. Bedding is embarrassing I can't even open the bedroom door. Old and burnt Hart pots and no decent glass to have my Schweppes Granadilla. I use lebekere. Thabiso told me it is over and he fell in love with Michelle on the 6th week at his new job and he wants to bring her to his home, I should therefore make way for her. He paid Lobola while I was still cleaning his house and cooking his favorite meal braaipap and cooked short ribs.

All my things are still at his house and I did not fetch them because I kept hoping that he will one day call me and tell me that he did a mistake and he wants me to come back. It is now 9 months since I left and he hasn't called. I passed by his house one day in my friend's car and she was washing my curtains.

Michelle the receptionist was washing my curtains.

She has 2 kids. I have none.

She has him, I don't.

I'm shattered. But tomorrow I'm going to buy curtains for my mother at Marabastad. They are nice and affordable.

Will add 6 glasses, 4 cups and a kettle. There is no kettle at home.

Thabiso has my 3 piece Russell Hobbs set and my Woolworth towels

and Michelle has the ring

But I cooked for him"


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