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Relationship expert gives 35 reasons why your wife will likely cheat on you

Relationship expert gives 35 reasons why your wife will likely cheat on you

Controversial socialite and relationship expert, Dokun Olumofin, who recently exposed what likely drives most married men to cheat, has given reasons why women may cheat too.

Major Reasons a Married Woman Will Cheat

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In a previous post, Dokun had mentioned why married men were likely to cheat on their wives, irrespective of the fact that it could have serious consequences. In a similar post, he has given reasons why most wives will likely cheat on their husbands.

"Major Reasons a Married Woman Will Cheat or In modern day term get a 'SIDE NIGGA:

1. Domestic violence

2. Inability to satisfy her sexually

3. No income from the husband and no prospects

4. Serial cheat and womanizer

5. She is a sex freak and one man can't satisfy her

6. Lover of money, fame and power

7. Social media usage (Instagram and Snapchat)

8. Wearing boxers for 1 week without washing

9. Mouth odour

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10. Always out at parties, clubs and never spends time with her and children

11. Low sperm count (can't have children)

12. Potbelly

13. Chronic alcoholic

14. Never washes dishes after usage

15. No breakfast in bed for the wife

16. Dresses like a villager

17. Never posts her on social media

18. Numerous baby mamas

19. Lack of oral sex and other foreplay that women love

20. He is generally a f*ck boy

21. Married for the wrong reason

22. Not over her ex

23. Attractive personal trainer

24. Husband's verbal abuse towards her

25. 1 minute man (can't last more than 1 minute in bed)

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26. No Doggy style, Monkey Style, Indian Chimp style etc (just missionary)

27. Sexy driver, houseboy and especially personal trainer.

28. Small penis

29. Having male best friends (It never works, he will shag her one day)

30. She is just randy

31. No respect from in-laws

32. Desperation for Lagos big girl title

33. Polo Club membership

34. Aso ebi madness (Asoebi every weekend)

35. Working personally with a randy billionaire

Conclusion: Any woman can cheat if you give her a reason to, even though some women can't control their sexual urges."

Hmmm! Do you agree with this one?

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