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Gay pastor Jide Macaulay blasts comedian Ogusbaba for producing homophobic skits (video/photos)

Gay pastor Jide Macaulay blasts comedian Ogusbaba for producing homophobic skits (video/photos)

Popular Nigerian gay activist/pastor, Jide Rebirth Macaulay has asked popular comedian, Ogusbaba to stop promoting homophobic acts through his comedy videos.


Reverend, Jide Macualay urged comedian, Ogusbaba to stop producing homophobic skits

Macaulay made this known after a skit made by Ogusbaba went viral on social media. He said the video would only promote homophobic attacks in Nigeria.


"This is absolutely despicable, outright foolish. My attention was drawn to a homophobic sketch by a popular comedian called Ogusbaba, @ogusbaba @laogusbaba."

The video portrayed a violent homophobic attack of a gay character in what is titled Lekki Gay.

"We all have a sense of humour, however this sketch does more than create laughter. It glorifies and glamorizes homophobic attacks faced daily in reality for many LGBT people in Nigeria."

"I am consulting with my colleagues both at home in Nigeria and anywhere else so we can take action."

"We would also seek to intercept any foreign plan programme, as I understand that Ogusbaba tours America and Europe frequently."

"Ogusbaba need to understand that this is not funny. Your comedy is giving licence to haters to attack gay people. If you don’t like same s*x, then don’t have s*x with someone of the same s*x."

"Unfortunately, Nigeria currently have laws against consenting same s*x between adults."

"We urge Ogusbaba to withdraw this sketch, apologise to the gay community and condemn any homophobic abuse as a result of this comedy."

The reverend was forced to flee Nigeria in 2008 after receiving death threats for setting up a safe space for LGBT Nigerians to worship.


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Meanwhile, ever since the skit titled 'The Lekki Gay' went viral on social media many LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) communities have expressed their anger towards the comedian for making the skit which they now tag as an homophobic skit.

Sexual rights advocate, Bisi Alimi, also condemned the video and said Ogusbaba simply made the video to get a lot of views.

"He wanted it to go viral. He knew the average Nigerian would find it funny and share it, he knew it would create controversy and be talked."

Ogusbaba however, said he is surprised by how people reacted to the sketch but he believes everyone has their own opinion.

"I'm amazed by the response to the video. But I believe people are entitled to their opinions."

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