Nigerian woman brutally beaten by husband

Nigerian woman brutally beaten by husband

Woman gets justice after being brutally beaten up by her abusive husband.

According to a post shared on Facebook by Emeka Ugwuonye, who is the founder and coordinator of the Due Process Advocates (DPA), he managed to get justice served to a wife beater who brutalised his wife.

Sharing the picture of the lady, he wrote:


What if your daughter or sister comes home with a face like the lady in this picture, and tells you that her husband beat her, what will you do? Will you continue to fault me for trying to out the man in prison?

Please be honest with your answer. The you that I know will like to kill the man even before the police will arrive. Yet, you are shamelessly blaming me for trying to put the monster in jail for doing this to somebody's sister."

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Photo: Nigerian woman brutally beaten by husband

This lady was brutally beaten up by her husband

Sharing how he gets involved in such cases and how he ensures the abusive husbands get their due justice, Emeka wrote:


You need to know how I do it. When a woman calls me and shows me pictures of her injuries after being beaten by her husband, I tell her to go to the nearest police station and to use her phone to call me when she gets there.

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Yesterday, this lady in PH sent me pictures of her injuries from her husband beating her. It was so bad. I told her to go to the nearest police station. She told me she already went there, but they did not do anything. I told her to go back there and call me with her phone. She got there and called me, I demanded that she gave the phone to any officer there. The officer heard my voice and he realized this was serious. I said I am the Founder of DPA and I wanted a wife beater arrested. I demanded to be given to a senior female police officer. That was how the the ghen-ghen started.

The best way to deal with a wife beater is to have a female police officer handle the case. It was so sweet today when the same police that did not do anything yesterday moved in today to arrest the man. They took him straight to the cell after making his statement. The lady officer was brilliant. I said to her: "Madam, we have to stop men who beat their wives", and she said: "All correct, Sir". She asked me what I wanted - whether to charge him or not to charge him. I told her to give me time to find out from the woman. I explained to the woman that the man should be allowed to enter prison where the inmates will baptize him with some holy ghost fire. She agreed. So, the man is going, going, gone.

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I think we should identify some female police officers in each police station. We should introduce DPA to them. Their work is to handle men who beat their wives. I want to see these men who beat their wives, answer "Yes, Sir" to a female officer.

I am sorry, but we really have to do something serious about domestic violence. We just can't keep quiet and allow these men to beat their wives to death."

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