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Igbo man narrates how he sold his car to help an orphan through University (photos)

Igbo man narrates how he sold his car to help an orphan through University (photos)

Even in the face of hardship in Nigeria, it is amazing to see that some Nigerians are still good at heart and willing to do enough for those in need.

NAIJ.com was touched to see the story of a generous Nigerian man, Emeka Nobis, who has shown Nigerians that the world can be a better place if we could just help one another.

Igbo man

Igbo man narrates how he sold his car to help an orphan through University

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Nobis narrated the story of how he helped an orphan he taught during his NYSC days. According to him he taught the orphan identified simply as, Wali, Physics and Mathematics at a Community Secondary School in Imogu, Rivers state.

He expressed that he met Wali again in 2011 and decided to help him with University finances after he heard his story. He said he sold his car to pay the orphan’s school fees.

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Read what he wrote:

"A dream fulfilled...

I served my fatherland after university in Omagwa, Rivers State. I taught Physics and Mathematics to SS 3 students of Community Secondary School, Imogu. That was where I met Wali Endurance. I passed out in 2005.

He is the kind of student a teacher would love to have. Punctual, obedient, and enterprising, he became a student I loved.

He won my heart when he promised me never to fall to the temptation of exam malpractice. Imagine a situation where your mates were allowed to cheat because their parents pay mercenaries or put them into special rooms.

I returned to Omagwa in 2011 to learn that NC couldn't go to university because no one could sponsor his education after the death of his parents.

My wife and I decided there and then to take on the responsibility. It wasn't rosy all through, having to pay fees, doll out feeding allowances and monies for books and others. I remember selling my car in 2015 so that I could pay his fees. I'd been stretched financially and I couldn't get loan from the company where I was working. The only option left was to sell the Toyota Camry.

When I resigned from my job, he was a bit worried. I told him not to bother that he would finish schooling, even if it meant working my hands to the bones.

Today, NC joined other graduands during the convocation ceremony at University of Port Harcourt.

As we took pictures, drank and danced, my heart leapt for joy to see the pride in the eyes of his siblings and extended family. A few tears escaped my tear ducts.

While leaving, I left a few words with him, "Since I've helped to light your own candle, do well to light the candles of others, even if it is one soul."

I'm very happy today. God knows I'd love to be like Bill Gates because when I hear what he does for humanity through his philanthropic gestures, I pray for such.

But I rest in the fact that I do what I can at my own level while I depend on God to enlarge my coast.

When we touch hearts around us in the small ways we can, we bathe the world with kindness and peace."

The Good Samaritan, who shared the story on his Facebook page to celebrate Wali’s graduation, shared some photos from the convocation.

See photos below:

Igbo man

Wali and his friends members on his convocation day

Generous man

Wali and friends

Watch NAIJ.com's interview with female mechanic below:

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