Women run mad after ritual procedures backfire

Women run mad after ritual procedures backfire

- Two women are facing the repercussion of their actions after bathing with ‘juju’ water

- The women undressed and lost their sanity after bathing in ‘juju’ water prepared by a spiritual healer

Two women from Zimbabwe spent a night in police custody after they disrupted the peace of the community as a result of the ritual they were involved in.

Residents were forced to call the police so the women could be controlled when their erratic behaviors were going out of hand. The women were said to have had a bath with some water mixed with herbs and prepared by a traditional healer.

NAIJ.com gathered that the women had sought the help of a traditional healer to gain revenge and fortify themselves against their father in-law who was terrifying them. The old man was accused of using uncanny ways to lay with them without their knowledge.

With the use of ‘Mubobobo’, the substance the father in-law was said to be using on them, a man could have any woman he wants without her knowledge or consent.

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The police officers’ spokesperson in Bulawayo, Precious Simango, said the women have been released. Sources also said the women sought the help of the traditional healer to liberate them from the constant abuse their father in-law subject them to since they are married to brothers.

We received a report of two women who were arrested for public indecency. They spent a night in the cells and were released the following morning,” Simango said.

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The women’s stories were confirmed by some sources. A witness who did not want to be named said there must have been something wrong with the herbs they were given and that must have been why they behaved strangely by walking undressed. The children also joined in the madness.

Many people were shocked to see the women go berserk. Pictures of them were being peddled even though they were unclad.

The NAIJ.com video below shows a distraught woman crying for her children as she has no idea where they are after the demolition of their community. See what she had to say:

Source: Gossip.naij.com

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