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Nigerian-born former lesbian says 'you weren't born gay'

Nigerian-born former lesbian says 'you weren't born gay'

NAIJ.com came across an inspiring story shared by a Nigerian-born former lesbian who chose to repent from the act that most people claim to be born with.

Despite the fact that Lesbianism and homosexuality are acts that are publicly condemned in Nigeria and some parts of Africa as a whole, it's still being practised nonetheless.

Ignoring the fact that penalty if caught could result in a 14-year jail term in a Nigerian prison, some still go ahead to practice the act, even though secretly.

Recently, a repentant lesbian decided to share her story and what prompted her to retrace her steps, and contrary to the popular claim 'i was born with it', she says nobody was born gay.

Nigerian-born former lesbian says 'you're not born gay'

Sophia says she chose to repent from the act of lesbianism after an encounter with God

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The lady identified as Sophia, said she had an encounter with God where she was given the choice to repent from the act. She said since she repented, doors of favour have been opening for her.

Sharing her 'conversion' story on Instagram, she wrote:

My neighbour asked me yesterday’ He said ; did you get broke at the club hence God? I responded you don’t get broke at the club, neither do you have money, do anything tangible with what you had or make life changing impacts.

When I left the club onlookers thought I was being unrealistic. Lo & behold a day after my return to abuja from bible school, I got offered a placement as an acting pharmacist in one of the best Egyptian hospitals Abuja has @KatameyaFirstcallHospital, off a conversation on the benefits of amala with no CV submitted.

You didn’t know I was a pharmacist right? You thought I wasn’t career minded? That’s what being away from the creator makes of you, a mediocrity.

Nigerian-born former lesbian says 'you weren't born gay'

Sophia says nobody is born gay

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Note that for every prayer rendered, an instruction is passed back, God is not a magician he needs you to co-operate work with him to have doors open. God gave Abraham instructions to follow before the blessings. Have you obeyed any? Do you even have the channels to receiving instructions? Mine was quit the club, draw unto me. As difficult as that may seem by grace I obeyed .


#GraceMade #KatameyaGroups #MTD#SeeYouAtTheTop“

This is awesome!

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