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Fiction! My husband wants us to have it from the other hole

Fiction! My husband wants us to have it from the other hole

Ejike has always been a very charming and adventurous man, and that was what drew me to him in the first place.

(Fiction) Woman troubled over husbands request for anal sex

We have been married for about 2-years now and it has been very amazing to spend the years with him. While we were courting, we ensured that there was no secrets and as such we made sure we were open to eachother regarding our likes, dislikes and even our weirdest fantasies.

Sex was definitely brought to the table, and he did tell me all his crazy fantasies and i didn't really have any problems with them, believing that they were mere fantasies.

We had a very romantic and passionate relationship before marriage and in all honesty, the whole has continued to burn, even after two years of our marriage, its been like the early days.

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However, in recent times my husband Ejike tends to have gotten more adventurous, bringing to our home and bed new inventions that we never tried before.

Ejike has in recent times made certain sexual demands that to me seem a bit weird but i went along with them and in all honesty i didn't regret going along with them.

However, he has demanded yet another sexual fantasy of his and is really bent on having his way, not by force of course. He says he would want us to engage in sex from behind, and has preached on how safe it is and how it won't hurt me.

But I have heard stories, a lot. I have my reservations and I am way too scared to go along. My rejection of his advances tends to be making him draw away from me.

Now I fear there is a possibility he got more adventurous because he is seeing someone else. I am also afraid that if I do not do that which he desires, he might find some lady out there who will go all the way.

I know he is my husband and cannot be denied his conjugal rights, but the thought of the act scares the hell out of me.

Please help me, I am at a fix and do not know what to do, especially when it is his 30th birthday in about a fortnight and he has pleaded that I give him that as a gift.

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