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Woman accuses pastor of drugging and raping her

Woman accuses pastor of drugging and raping her

A pastor has been arrested for allegedly drugging and raping a church member.

Apostle Clarkson Kutsakatika, the General Overseer of the Amazing Grace Ministries in Zimbabwe, has been exposed by one of his church members who accused him of drugging and raping her.

According to reports, the victim who recently welcomed a baby with her husband said the pastor made her leave her baby behind, lured her into his car and had his way with her.

Woman accuses pastor of drugging and raping her

Apostle Clarkson Kutsakatika

Complaining to the police at the Chitungwiza station in Harare, she said the pastor made her believe he wanted to check on something at the church premises, but ended up carrying out his wicked act against her wish.

Read what she wrote in her police report below:

“He sent me a WhatsApp message at 6:00 pm and he said he wanted to see my baby, who was not feeling well. I agreed because I thought he was going to come around 7 o’clock but to my surprise, he sent me another message at 9:30pm saying he was at the gate.

I refused to go outside since the baby he had said he wanted to see was already asleep but he insisted, saying I should just come outside without the child.

I went to his car and he asked me to get inside and when I got in,he started driving. I asked him where he was taking me to and he said he wanted to check if the security at church had arrived.

When we got the church, there was no one there. I told him to hurry up as I had to go back home; he then gave me mints to eat and I accepted as I thought he was giving me to freshen up my breath.

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After a while, I started feeling dizzy, and he started asking me about my sex life with my husband. I told him I only felt comfortable telling that to a female pastor but he insisted as a father and as someone my husband idolizes. I opened up because we were facing many challenges.

After that, he placed his hand on my belly and said ‘baby I love you I want you;’ I went into a state of shock and removed his hand and I told him I was leaving.

As I tried to open the door, he locked all doors from the driver’s panel and he immediately took two condoms from his dashboard and he took his manhood from his trousers and wore the condoms.

I tried to scream to no avail, then he grabbed my hands and pressed them on my chest adjusting the seat I was sitting on. He came on top of me, as he tried to force in his manhood in me, I collapsed.

I woke up at around 2:20 am; I saw him standing at his car door. I was half naked and sperms were dripping from my organ; he then came in the car as I was still weak but I tried to force myself out of the car.

I forced myself out of his car and tried to walk but I fell to the ground. And he then dropped me at home. I then reported the case after I had informed my husband and my relatives about it.”

Na wa oo. Is this now a trend?

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