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Former model leaves glamorous life, becomes 'reverend sister'

Former model leaves glamorous life, becomes 'reverend sister'

A British-Indian model chose to end her glamorous lifestyle and become a 'reverend sister' 

Former glamorous model Sofia Hayat, decided to change her wild lifestyle completely by becoming a reverend sister.

Hayat who even went as far as removing her breast implants, giving away all her designer items and even quit smoking and drinking, said she changed her mind after having an 'out of body experience'.

The former star of Footballers’ Wives, Waterloo Road and more recently India’s famous Big Boss (their version of Big Brother), decided to stop wearing makeup and even started meditating about 5 times a day.

Former model leaves glamorous life, becomes 'reverend sister'

Former model Sofia Hayat

The 41-year-old former Muslim who dated lots of celebrities and rich men and also partied a lot in her heydays, said this is officially her 'second coming' as she believes she's about to fulfill her real purpose in life.

Here's what she said:

"My previous life was wonderful but I love this one more, when I look at photos of the old me I still smile. I feel I was meant to go through that life so that I can witness the real world. But now my life is like a second coming. My reason for existing now is to take away all the negativity and to reveal the truth of our our existence."

Former model leaves glamorous life, becomes 'reverend sister'

According to her, she grew up in a strict home, which led to her becoming rebellious as a teenager. She said:

"When I was a teenager I was desperate to free myself of the rules and restrictions of my religion. I wanted to be sexy, I wanted to wear nice clothes and I wanted to flaunt my long hair and body."

Hayat talks about when she partied with famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio: "He was in London to film The Beach and at the party he invited me to his room where we chatted. I was only about 19 at the time, still a virgin, but he wanted me to stay."

Former model leaves glamorous life, becomes 'reverend sister'

Hayat as a reverend sister

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Hayat who earned £20,000 (N10,660,000) per photoshoot as a model also talked about her drug use. She said:

"I lived a life of crazy parties and extreme wealth where people constantly took drugs but all the while there was a sense of emptiness. I very much got caught up in that and took cocaine myself at parties. It was an easy life to live but it was very wrong. I dated cricketer Rohit Sharma. I also dated other men from Bollywood and London and I thought it was real love, but it was just an existence; it was not a life. They often partied all weekend and sometimes got home at 11am on a Sunday; I had no idea where they’d been.One used prostitutes and once took me along thinking it was sexy but it made me feel sick and I realised this wasn’t the life I wanted. Deep down it was empty."

Former model leaves glamorous life, becomes 'reverend sister'

Model turned reverend sister

She explained how she had to take some tea that is believed to help you see visions, after someone introduced her to it:

"Someone I knew had taken it and told me that they saw a vision of me so I wanted to know what it was all about. What would I experience? I had an out of body experience, I saw the Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, so many and I was clearly told I was on this earth to awaken it."

After she found out that her father died on that same day, she explained how his spirit entered her body and spoke through her:

"My parents didn’t agree with my lifestyle so we had not been speaking for 13 years. But when I lost my father I suspected I would see him. During the spiritual ceremony my father took over my body and talked through me. It was very sacred and I was at peace at his funeral because of that experience.

Former model leaves glamorous life, becomes 'reverend sister'

Hayat who now addresses herself as Gaia Mother Sofia or the Divine Sofia, mentioned how she's now committed to helping other people. She said:

"I was committed to living a new life and washing away the old me. I washed and stored all of my designer dresses and shoes and I haven’t worn jeans or heels or makeup since. I know what I feel. My life is like a second coming and I am the reincarnation of Goddess Isis. I don’t care what other people think. I know what I am here for now and the prophecy is most definitely real. I’ve not had sex since last year and I’ll never have sex again. It’s not about wanting or not wanting children but I am now committed to other people, my children."

Hmmm. What do you think?

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