10 ways to say 'sex' in pidgin English

10 ways to say 'sex' in pidgin English

In real life, sex is a topic that is quite popular to talk about among friends, whether in a funny, sarcastic way, or in serious conversations with your friends.

10 ways to say 'sex' in pidgin English

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Learning about slangs, and comparisons for sex will really help your understanding of everyday English, as sex is a topic that often comes up in popular culture and more often than not, we use sexual innuendos rather than the more literal terms that you might already know.

Instead of just saying ‘sex’, Nigerians have come up with more creative 'non-English' words to use in its place. These words are mostly ‘Pidgin English’ and are easily understood by youths when having a fun conversation with their friends.

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NAIJ.com Gossip, brings you 10 hilarious names and somewhat common slangs used in place of the word 'sex' in pidgin English. See them below:

10 ways to say 'sex' in pidgin English

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1. Smashed: Can’t believe I ‘Smashed’ her last night after the party.

2. Mekwe: You still broke up with that girl after so much ‘Mekwe’.

3. Chop Beans: Nkechi come ‘Chop beans’ for my room yesterday night.

4. Yokopio: Give me that Alomo make I drink so I go get energy to ‘Yokopio’ Shade tonight.

5. Kpansh: I want to ‘Kpansh’ that babe.

6. Chious: I ‘Chious’ that babe last week.

7. Konji: ‘Konji’ dey worry you?

8. Knack: When one is planning on having sex or after you have had sex with a lady. You don ‘Knack’ that girl?

9. Polash: To have sex with someone. You and that girl don ‘Polash’ abi?

10. Yarnsh: Means sex, to have sex with someone. Na so I ‘Yarnsh’ that girl yesterday sha.

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