I don’t have sex - Bolaji Ogunmola

I don’t have sex - Bolaji Ogunmola

Upcoming Nollywood actress Bolaji Ogunmola has revealed she cannot date a poor man.

The highly endowed actress in a new interview with Vanguard talks about her sex life, relationships and more.  Read excerpts below:

I don’t have sex - Bolaji Ogunmola

Bolaji Ogunmola

An actress recently said her big boobs brought her to limelight, should we expect such statement from you some day?

Anything could push anybody to say anything. I am pretty, tall, confident and have a beautiful smile. So mine will be a combination of many things and not my big boobs alone.

Nollywood often celebrates light-skinned actresses, do you see your skin as a barrier in your career?

Not any longer. We are gradually leaving that myopic belief. I believe my craft will sell me.

(Cuts in) But we have many actresses who were dark-skinned when they came into the industry but have turned light-skinned over night?

I am saying this categorically that I do not support bleaching in any form.

Any man in the picture?

I am single but not searching. I am independent and working hard to make money.

Will you agree that finding love for a rich lady might be difficult ?

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A true and complete man should not be intimidated by a woman’s success. In fact, a man should help his woman become more successful.

Don’t you think this is one of the reasons why we have many spinsters in Nollywood?

I totally disagree. These actresses have not just met the right man. Regardless of your chosen career, the right man will find you someday. We have A-list actresses who are married with kids. A good woman will meet her own man at the right time. We have men who will never settle for actresses for one reason or the other. But my point of view is this, it is not what you do, but who you are.

Intimate things about you?

I am left-handed, like light-skinned guys, very emotional, can’t date a poor man and would have preferred having a bigger butt.

Are you saying if a man has all the attributes but poor, it’s a ‘no’ from Bolaji?

Relationships are about responsibility. A man can’t have all the qualities of a good man and be poor. A woman should not date or marry a man who cannot be responsible for her. It goes both ways anyways. It’s better to be single than cutting corners in a relationship. If a man has all the prospects but poor, then his goal at that time should be finding money and not a woman. If you can’t take care of your partner, then the relationship is faulty.

How often do you have sex?

I don’t have sex and will remain like that for as long as I can hold it.


That is the way I want it .

An actress once said, it is better to have sex outside a relationship than having sex in a relationship and suffer heart-break. Your take?

I am very emotional and as such, cannot sleep with a man without any form of commitment. Will you leave if your man cheats? I will be stupid to do that. There are other ways to punish a man. I won’t give him the chance to be free.

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Source: Gossip.naij.com

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