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4 reasons Mikel Obi is yet to get married

4 reasons Mikel Obi is yet to get married

Super Eagles midfielder John Mikel Obi is yet to be married despite seemingly having it all; a cute girlfriend, wealth and even kids.

At the age of 29, the Super Eagles skipper is ripe for marriage in respect to the African culture, and to many it may come as a surprise that he has not yet taken the mother of his kids Olga Diyachenko, to the altar since engaging her in 2014.

4 reasons Mikel Obi is yet to get married

Mikel and girlfriend Olga Diyachenko

The duo have been dating since 2013 after reportedly meeting in London where her millionaire father runs a chain of businesses.

NAIJ.com Sports explores four fan and media theories on why the Chelsea midfielder is not yet married.

1. The issue of the former lovers

For a while, there were reports in 2015 that Mikel Obi fathered a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter after short relationships with two women.

It was reported that because he already has children with his former lovers, he might not want to get married yet...just so his former lovers would not feel jilted.

He probably doesn't want marriage yet so he can have his former lovers settled and his other children old enough.

4 reasons Mikel Obi is yet to get married

Mikel Obi

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2. The life of a footballer makes you less settled with all the travelling 

Everyone knows the life of a top level footballer is not an easy one. Despite having all the money and good things in life, footballers are hardly ever settled.

It seems a common trend to hear a married footballer travel with his club to another country for an European game or pre-season tour and get involved with other women.

Mikel Obi might be scared that he would hurt the 'love of his life' if he gets married as he knows he might not be completely faithful to her.

4 reasons Mikel Obi is yet to get married

Mikel watches a Chelsea match against Manchester City alongside John Terry

3. Pops wants a black Igbo girl 

Mikel's father is rich in his own right, owning a transport company in the East and according to reports he is very traditional. Reports in 2014 suggested that he was not yet married because the father is not fully 'ok' with his relationship with a white woman.

Which Nigerian parent has ever been ok with that initially?

4 reasons Mikel Obi is yet to get married

Mikel's girlfriend and his kids

4. Unsettled club future

For the best part of a year, Mikel's Chelsea career has been uncertain. Some reports claim he would be sold, others claim the club is still assessing his future at the club.

'The African Zidane' might have to leave London if he leaves Chelsea (his contract expires in the summer of 2017) and that could have a real strain on his relationship with Olga Diyachenko.

In the case he joins Besiktas or Schalke 04 as widely reported, he would have to leave London and that would take him away from his children.

We are sure the Super Eagles skipper would not want to be married only to get divorced a few years later.

These are just theories and we wish Mikel Obi a happy married life whenever he decides to head to the altar...

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